About us

Oma kieli is a community established to support the national languages in Finland via distribution of information, discussions and public statements. Its purpose is to provide a forum dedicated to our own national languages (Finnish, Swedish and the Sámi languages), directed to people who are interested in their role in the Finnish society. Oma kieli aims to leverage this community in educating the general public, attitudes, political decision-making as well as society in general.

The Oma kieli team welcome anyone interested in the national languages of Finland and their role in the society, in particular as compared to the English language.

We believe in the following:

1) Language-related activism is needeed to keep our national languages as the default, general languages of our society – in particular when facing the pressure of English.

2) By national/domestic languages we mean Finnish, Swedish and the Sámi languages. All Finns should know at least one other national language in addition to their mother tongue. The Oma kieli website and the community will function primarily in Finnish, but comments and forum input can be made in Swedish or one of the Sámi languages, too.

3) We support quality education of several foreign languages, stregthening of the international community as well as a hospitable attitude towards all who come to Finland from abroad. Their mother-tongues are also important and deserve special support.

4) English has a special role in international life and, for example, as the language of research. That is why it will be crucial that we aim for a high level of English skills. It is also desirable that Finns master a broad range of other foreign languages.

5) In policy making, it is essential that we dare to support our national languages. Erityisesti poliittisessa päätöksenteossa on tärkeää, että uskalletaan olla jämerästi omien kielten tukena. Deregulation does not fit well with the objectives of national language policy.

If you share these beliefs, and you’d like to be involved, you can offer articles for publication, and join our team to create more awareness of what support our own languages may need. You can reach us at: info@omakieli.com. Our site and community main language is Finnish, but good pieces of writing will be accepted for publication and translated from English.